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I'm a lover of words, and I'm always desiring to learn something new.  I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a word nerd, but spelling and grammar have always come naturally to me.  I was picking out errors in my friends' letters by fourth grade, and I was one word away from winning the spelling bee in fifth grade (I'll never forget that word).  During my childhood I was always writing something: stories, poems, letters, and lists.  I even wrote word lists for the local newspaper's word searches.  My granny helped to foster my love of words with never-ending puzzle books and Wheel of Fortune.  Now I look forward to passing my love of words and language on to my boys. 

My husband, Michael, and I were both born and raised in Door County, Wisconsin.  After going on a road trip to Texas, we fell in love with it and decided to move.  We now live in Granbury, Texas, with our two little boys and a three-legged dog.