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48-72 hours



24-48 hours


Please check my availability


<24 hours


Please check availability

Technical, medical, or expert testimony 

add $0.10/page

More than 25 lines per page

add $0.03/page


You will be billed on the 1st of each month.  Payments are due within 30 days of invoicing.  Late payments will incur a 10% fee.  

First-time clients will be billed immediately, and payment is due within 15 days.


New clients get the first 15 pages for free.

A referral will get you $10 off of your next invoice. 

Please make sure transcripts are as close to turn-in ready as possible.  An unedited or poorly scoped transcript takes more time and makes it much more difficult for me to catch all of the errors.  I reserve the right to charge an additional $0.10/page on "messy" transcripts.  I will notify you within the first 15 pages.

Please contact me about my general proofreading rates.